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How to beat a bookie

It seems that beating the bookmaker on bets is quite simple. It is necessary to correctly predict the outcome of sporting events and calculate the profit. It is not quite so. If you carefully study the statistics of the clients of a betting company, it is clear that the plus players are not more than 5%. The rest lose immediately or at a distance.

Professional cappers assure that it is possible to beat a bookmaker's office. For this purpose, it is necessary to forget about luck, carefully analyze events and accurately adhere to the chosen strategy.

How to beat a bookmaker's office - strategies

There are many working strategies that allow you to beat the bookmaker. Consider the most popular of them.

Flight orders

The most trivial way is to make a correct prediction more often than an erroneous one. It is proved mathematically that single bets in flat (fixed betting odds 1.9-2.0) with standard odds will bring the player in the black if he wins 53% of the time.

In order to show such results, you need to bet seriously, concentrating on one sport.

We explain how to win at the bookmaker by means of ordinaries:

  • Watch a large number of matches;
  • Analyze each event;
  • Keep your own statistics;
  • Keep up to date with all the news;
  • Bet no more than 5% of the bankroll;
  • Do not make predictions on emotions;
  • Choose BC with the smaller margin (the best odds);
  • Not to bet on the matches with the participation of favorite teams.

The Dogon

Catch-up is a systematic increase in the size of the next bet. After the defeat, it is necessary to constantly double the amount. It is necessary for the potential gain to compensate all previous expenses and to bring profit. As soon as the prediction has played out, start catching up again.

Here is a simple example:

  • Bet 100 KSh at 2.00 - lost.
  • Putting 200 KSh at 2.00 - defeat again.
  • Putting 400 KSh at 2.00 - you win. Having received 800 KSh for payment, you paid off all your investments (100+200+400) and earned 100 KSh on top.

There are two main conditions for productive catch-up:

  • A large bankroll (at least 7-9 rounds). The more iterations (rounds of catch-up), the higher the chances of winning.
  • Accounts in the BC and exchanges with high maximums.

It is advised to play on several sites. If an unsuccessful series drags on, the size of the bet may exceed the limit of a certain bookmaker. Split your money between several BKs. This will help avoid restrictions and catch the most favorable odds.

With proper money management and discipline, catch-up can regularly bring serious winnings.


Another strategy for those wondering how to beat the bookie. You will need a solid bankroll and accounts in several betting shops.

The goal is to make money on the difference in odds. Bookmaker A, for example, offers 2.11 for Nadal's win against Djokovic. And BK "B" gives 2.07 on Djokovic's success in the same match. You have a fork in front of you. By betting 10,000 KSh each at different bookmakers on opposite outcomes, you are guaranteed to earn 1,100 or 700 KSh.

To avoid looking for the forks manually, pay for one of the special services on the Internet. The program automatically scans the line and offers users possible forks.

This is a win-win method. The main thing is to play only on those sites that do not block forks. But remember that their number is limited. Bookmakers do not like to lose.

How to beat a bookmaker's office in play

Already from the first minutes, a certain pattern of the game can be seen, which the user can be guided by. Let's figure out how to beat a bookmaker in LIVE mode:

  • If you do the right analysis, it is quite easy to calculate the key event and make a win-win bet in LIVE. But here you need to be as quick and correct in assessing the possible risks as possible, in order to stay in the black.
  • If you make a bet before the match, then there is an opportunity to back it up in "live" mode. It is necessary to bet on the opposite event at acceptable odds.
  • Engage in button betting. Buttonsmiths are players who try to bet after a certain event occurs. For example, you opened a soccer match and clicked on the bet "total over 0.5". It appeared on the screen. On the button "put" do not press. Just wait. If you notice that a goal is scored, you quickly press "bet", trying to make a bet before the odds change. This is an effective way, but risky. Remember that the bookmaker monitors any action on the site and sees that this bet you prepared in advance, but made a second before the goal. You will fall under close observation. If you continue to make such bets, your account will be blocked.
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